Your Happiness Portfolio®

Moving into this new chapter of your life presents so many wonderful opportunities – and some challenges!

Research tells us that 69% of retirees experience difficulties adjusting to all of the changes you face.

The changes affect your sense of who you are now, how you make a difference today, and where you connect with others.

Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors helps you make a smooth transition so you can live a happy, healthy, and successful next chapter.

Just as your financial advisor guides you in the management of your financial portfolio, we guide you to design and build your Happiness Portfolio®. Your financial advisor will ensure your financial portfolio is integrated with your life plan.

Just like your financial portfolio, your Happiness Portfolio® needs to be balanced and diversified. It needs to be filled with activities that you enjoy and that make you feel like you and your life matter.

Happiness Portfolio
Susan Latremoille
Marianne Oehser