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In this week’s episode, Lynn hops on a Zoom call with Susan Latremoille to discuss 9 steps to a rich life in retirement.

Susan spent over 35 years as a wealth advisor assisting clients to financially plan for their retirements. She saw a common thread among her clients. Having enough money to retire was only a piece of the retirement puzzle. It was the non-financial side that had the greatest impact on the predictability of a successful retirement. Susan is a Partner in Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors.


Listen to Susan Latremoille being interviewed on Prime Time Money on Zoomer Radio about her new book, 9 Steps to a RichLife Retirement. Susan explains the reason why she wrote this book, the cornerstones of a RichLife and the steps to building a Happiness Portfolio.

Retirement coaches Susan Latremoille and Marianne Oehser answer questions about finding a new purpose in retirement and other aspects of the transition from the world of work.

Life changes are almost inevitable, but some can’t handle them as well as others.

As a coach, have you ever wondered if you’re equipped to help your clients go through major life events?

In the latest episode of People Potential with Amanda, Susan Latremoille, founder of SuccessDNA, which offers a proven program that uncovers “the driving force behind what motivates you to take action while providing clarity, direction, self-knowledge, and understanding”.

Tune in to learn the secrets of living a Rich Life in retirement ( and we are not just talking about money!)
Find out if you have the right mindset to live a happy and fulfilling life in retirement.

Susan Latremoille, the Co-Founder and Partner, Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors, discussed retirement planning, in particular, finding life after a career that was meaningful and enjoyable. Susan works with financial advisors, their firms, and their clients to address the non-financial lifestyle issues of retirement. She discovered an amazing tool called the Successfinder which is a proven program that uncovers the driving force behind what motivates an individual to take action while providing clarity, direction, self-knowledge, and understanding.


Susan Latremoille joins Eric Brotman to answer the question: When I’m transitioning from my career and trying to figure out what’s next, how do I determine what a post-career lifestyle should be and how do I make that happen?

Eric Brotman, Chief Executive Officer of BFG Financial Advisors., and Marianne Oehser, Certified Retirement Coach, host this free webinar to discuss what three things the happiest retirees have in common and how you can start planning for it now.

If you can think of something that you do, where you lose track of time, where it’s just effortless to do because you’re enjoying it, that’s something you have a passion for.

Marianne Oehser talks to Eric Brotman about how retirement can adversely affect a marriage, what the happiest retirees have in common, and finding happiness in retirement


Financial advisors work hard to be sure their clients can afford to retire successfully. It is such a tragedy when clients are unhappy in retirement even though they have enough money.

Learn how to design your Happiness Portfolio®, so that you can manage your time and live a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Shifting from Your Working Life to Your Retirement Life

Discover the key to fulfilling your next chapter and learn how entrepreneurs and CEO’s can gradually transition into retirement, by easing control, breaking the work addiction, and making room for an exciting new beginning.

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In this interview, Susan Latremoille and Marianne Oehser provided valuable insights into planning the non-financial aspects of retirement.


In this interview with The Global and Mail, Susan talked about how the past year has seen many retirees realize their happiness requires more than just financial planning.

Susan told CountryGuide that “Retirement can be rich and rewarding. Or it can be deadly dull. The difference may be whether you connect with new resources and advisors.

In this interview with The Atlantic Magazine – Re:think, Marianne talked about how Life after work can bring changes and challenges. Professionals can help you get ready to thrive.

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