Developing Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan

You’ve worked hard and earned your retirement. But retirement is more than just strolling on beaches and taking an extended vacation. Living a fulfilling and purposeful retirement requires planning and building a new life that is meaningful and stimulating. Your financial advisor manages your money in retirement through a financial plan. How you successfully manage your time in retirement is done through a lifestyle plan.
Retirement Lifestyle Consulting is a collaborative process of creating a Retirement Lifestyle Plan. A trained lifestyle advisor guides you to envision what you want this new chapter to be like and plan it.

The Importance of Lifestyle Planning

Your retirement lifestyle plan needs to include how you want your everyday life to look beyond your bucket list. This is your plan for how you want to live the next 25 or 30 years of your life.
A retirement lifestyle plan describes the kinds of activities you want to include in your day-to-day life. Too often people simply fill their days with whatever comes along. They end up feeling that they are busy but not really doing things that are meaningful to them. They feel lost.
Deliberately choosing how you want to spend your time increases the likelihood you will be happy and feel that your life is fulfilling.

The Importance of Lifestyle Planning

Developing a lifestyle plan requires taking time to reflect on your mindset for the years ahead, your interests, motivations, your strengths and skills, and what is really meaningful to you.
For many of us, our purpose has been defined by what we did for a living. When that is gone, it leaves a big hole that needs to be filled. Having a sense of purpose and feeling that your life matters in some way is a very fundamental human need.

Our 5-Step Process

Before you decide to move forward with us, we have a free Discovery call for us to understand where you are on your journey, explain our process to you in more detail, and  mutually determine if we are a match to work together.

Our 5-Step Process

Success Finder Assessment is a time tested assessment tool based on 40 years of research and development which help[s you understand what drives your behavior . It provides a clear and deep understanding of yourself so you can make choices about your future. You receive insights into your motivations and lifestyle priorities.

During the Deep Dive Discovery you complete a series of exercises to stimulate your thinking about what you really want in your life. They help you clarify you vision for your next chapter and develop a picture of who you wish to be now.

The Clarity Matrix integrates the first two steps. It helps you get in touch with a sense of what your purpose is now  so you feel things you do matter and you are making a difference in this world in some way

Then you begin Building Your Happiness Portfolio® which is your guide to allocating your time as you navigate a successful next chapter.

Rewirement Check-in has two parts. First we circle back to ensure insights from Steps 1 – 3  are reflected in your Happiness Portfolio®.

Lastly we schedule three 30-minute Check-in Sessions every 2 – 3 months to discuss how your plan is progressing. It is also a nudge to be sure you are doing what you said you wanted to do.

Happiness Portfolio

First, you describe your vision and your current satisfaction with that area of your life, then you create a road map of the things you would like to and the actions you want to take to achieve them.

Are you ready to make the most of your retirement?

For a complimentary 30-minute chat about your particular situation, please contact
Marianne Oesher, Partner, Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors


Marianne, Susan and “Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors”, have been invaluable to Annette and me as we create our future.  As people who appreciate process, we are happy to use the tools and strategies Susan and Marianne bring to the table. In addition to addressing the issues normally associated with “life after work”, their process made us aware of considerations and connections we wouldn’t have seen on our own. 

With their help, we have created our action steps and scheduled evaluations to take place, with them, down the road.  Annette and I happily endorse Susan and Marianne for any person or couple who plan for their future to be as exciting and important as their past.  

We wish you the very best going forward.

Wealth Advisor who recently sold his practice

You were right on with your recommendation of Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors for guidance with my retirement planning. Susan and Marianne have been outstanding in helping me to create the roadmap for as you mentioned, “a fulfilling, balanced and purposeful life in retirement”. This certainly has been a good “marriage “just as Maller Wealth Advisors will also prove to be.

Dentist who recently sold his practice

Marianne is a great coach. She helped me realize what retirement would be like and what is important to me. She also made me accountable.

Business Owner

Working with you has improved my life and especially helped me make the transition into the next phase of my life very smooth. In fact, by working on a plan with your help, I am more excited about life in this next phase than I have been for years. You are a true professional who provides objective guidance and a n individual who cares about the people you are working with.

You have made me understand how important having a strategic plan is and how to take simple steps over time to make the plan a success. Having a coach to keep me accountable helps me to stay on course. I particularly like the broad scope of our discussions which range from marital relations to health (diet and exercise) to keeping a positive attitude and to so many other areas. You helped me work through the process of letting go of more and more responsibility at work and pushing my associates to take on more accountability.

I would recommend to anyone that is transitioning into the next phase of their life that they participate in your program and continue to work with you as a coach to help them obtain the full potential of their senior years.

Business Owner
Susan Latremoille
Marianne Oehser